Club Bruges 1-5 Manchester City: Cole Palmer scores as Pep Guardiola's side claim dominant win

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Cole Palmer scored his goal with just his second touch after he came on.

Riyad Mahrez scored two goals and Cole Palmer scored his first Champions League goal in Manchester City's win over Club Bruges.

They were confident and slick from beginning to end, moving up to the top of Group A with their second win this season.

Although City was dominant from the start, their first goal came 30 minutes later when Joao Cancelo grabbed Phil Foden's superb ball and slotted through Simon Mignolet's legs.

After being fouled, Mahrez added another goal from the penalty spot right before the break.

City didn't slow down in the second period. The third goal came quickly when Mahrez found Kevin de Bruyne. His one-touch ball sent Kyle Walker through.

Palmer, a nineteen-year-old academy graduate, scored his side's fourth goal just two minutes after he came onto the pitch. He bent a fine shot from the box's edge into the net.

Hans Vanaken scored a late goal for the hosts, but City quickly responded to score their fifth, Mahrez running through and finishing coolly one on one.

City's victory was the perfect response to their defeat at Paris St-Germain in previous Champions League games. They now have six points from three games.

Foden shines as Palmer marks his mark

Phil Foden's assistance was a stunning example of vision and accuracy

Guardiola named a strong XI to accompany him to Belgium after his defeat at PSG, 28 September.

One thing that raised eyebrows was Foden's decision to play Foden in the false nine role in his first appearance in the competition.

Guardiola previously stated that Foden's position would not be difficult because he can play anywhere. Once again, the England international showed his manager great faith and delivered in every role.

His links and runs were outstanding throughout the tournament and it was no surprise that he played a major role in the opener.

Foden's assist is difficult to describe in words. He spotted Cancelo's run from just outside the Club Bruges' halves and played an inch-perfect ball that his team-mate could run onto, control brilliantly, and then finish.

Foden's success under Guardiola, after he graduated from the academy, will delight City fans. Palmer suggested that he could also be following Foden's lead.

His first goal in Europe was a testament to his maturity. He became the third teenager to score in Manchester City's Champions League after Foden and KelechiIheanacho.

Hendry Jack Hendry was the player of the match with an average 8.77 Club Bruges Club Bruges Club Bruges

Man City Manchester City Manchester City Club Bruges Avg Squad number 5 Player name Hendry Average rating 8.77 Squad number 4 Player name N'Soki Average rating 6.38 Squad number 77 Player name Clinton Mata Average rating 6.25 Squad number 2 Player name Sobol Average rating 5.84 Squad number 90 Player name De Ketelaere Average rating 5.46 Squad number 20 Player name Vanaken Average rating 5.45 Squad number 72 Player name Mbamba-Muanda Average rating 5.41 Squad number 10 Player name Lang Average rating 5.28 Squad number 26 Player name Rits Average rating 5.21 Squad number 22 Player name Mignolet Average rating 5.21 Squad number 29 Player name Dost Average rating 5.18 Squad number 19 Player name Sowah Average rating 5.17 Squad number 25 Player name Vormer Average rating 5.03 Squad number 44 Player name Mechele Average rating 4.99 Squad number 3 Player name Balanta Average rating 4.97 Squad number 28 Player name van der Brempt Average rating 4.97 Manchester City Avg Squad number 47 Player name Foden Average rating 7.87 Squad number 27 Player name Joo Cancelo Average rating 7.76 Squad number 80 Player name Palmer Average rating 7.72 Squad number 2 Player name Walker Average rating 7.68 Squad number 26 Player name Mahrez Average rating 7.60 Squad number 20 Player name Bernardo Silva Average rating 7.58 Squad number 3 Player name Rben Dias Average rating 7.51 Squad number 10 Player name Grealish Average rating 7.48 Squad number 17 Player name De Bruyne Average rating 7.43 Squad number 16 Player name Rodri Average rating 7.37 Squad number 31 Player name Ederson Average rating 7.34 Squad number 14 Player name Laporte Average rating 7.19 Squad number 8 Player name Gndogan Average rating 6.69 Squad number 6 Player name Ak Average rating 6.67 Squad number 25 Player name Fernandinho Average rating 6.52 Squad number 7 Player name Sterling Average rating 6.19


Match Stats

Live Text Line-ups Club Bruges Formation 4-1-4-1-1 22 Mignolet 77 Mata Pedro Lourenco 6 Hendry 4 N'Soki 19 Sobol 26 Rits 3 Balanta 10- Lang 20 Vanaken 1990 De Ketelaere22 Mignolet

77 Mata Pedro Lourenco Booked in 24 Minutes

5 Hendry

4 N'Soki Booked at 45mins Substituted for Mechele at 79' minutes

2 Sobol

19 Sowah Substituted for van der Brempt at 56' minutes

26 Rits Substituted to Vormer at 56' Minutes

3 Balanta Booked @ 65mins Substituted For Mbamba-Muanda @ 68' Minutes

10 Lang

20 Vanaken

90 De Ketelaere Substituted for Dost at 79' minutes Substitutes 11 Maouassa

18 Ricca

21 Izquierdo

25 Vormer

28 van der Brempt

29 Dost

44 Mechele

72 Mbamba-Muanda

91 Lammens Man City Formation 4-3-3 31 Ederson 2 Walker 3 Rben Dias 14 Laporte 27 Cancelo 17 De Bruyne 16 Rodri 20 Bernardo Silva 26 Mahrez 47 Foden 10 Grealish 31 Ederson

2 Walker

3 Rben Dias

14 Laporte Booked in 32mins Substituted by Ak at 57' Minutes

27 Cancelo

17 De Bruyne Substituted for Palmer at 65' minutes

16 Rodri substituted for Fernandinho in 71' minutes

20 Bernardo Silva Substituted at 57' for Gndogan

26 Mahrez

47 Foden Substituted for Sterling at 64' minutes

10 Grealish Substitutes 6 Ak

7 Sterling

8 Gndogan

9 Gabriel Jesus

11 Zinchenko

13 Steffen

25 Fernandinho

33 Carson

Referee for 80 Palmer: Istvn Kovcs. Attendance: 24,915. Match Stats Live text Post update. Match ends, Club Brugge 1, Manchester City. Club Brugge 1, Manchester City. Full-time Second Half. Manchester City, Post update Corner. Brandon Mechele has consented to the proposal. Update: Attempt blocked. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), right footed shot taken from outside the box is blocked Jack Grealish assisted. Post update Foul by Nathan Ak, Manchester City Bas Dost (Club Brugge), wins a free kick during the attacking half. Post update Attempt missed. Nathan Ak (Manchester City), header from the centre misses to right. Riyad Maharez assisted with a cross after a corner. Manchester City, Post-update Corner Simon Mignolet conceived. Post-update: Attempt saved. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), left footed shot from centre box is saved in bottom left corner Post update Riyad Mahrez, Manchester City, wins a free kick during the attacking half. Foul by Eduard Sobol (Club Brugge) Post update Post update Attempt missed. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), right footed shot from centre of box misses to right Joo Cancelo assisted. Post update Attempt missed. Bas Dost (Club Brugge), right footed shot from centre box. Close, but misses to right. Hans Vanaken assisted with a cross. Post update Attempt missed. Eduard Sobol (Club Brugge), left footed shot outside the box missed to the right after a corner. Club Brugge, Post-update Corner Nathan Ak. goal Goal! Goal! Club Brugge 1, Manchester City 5. Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City), left footed shot, from the centre box to the bottom right corner. Fernandinho assisted with a through ball. Post-update: Attempt blocked. Jack Grealish (Manchester City), right footed shot from left side box is blocked Raheem Sterling assisted. Post update Jack Grealish (Manchester City), wins a free kick during the defensive half. Post update Foul by Bas Dost, Club Brugge Goal! Goal! Club Brugge 1, Manchester City 4. Hans Vanaken (Club Brugge), right footed shot taken from the middle of the box to bottom right corner. Ruud Vormer assisted. Page 1 of 5 Rewind Previous Navigate to Next Page Next Navigate To The Last Page Forward