Museums Are Getting on OnlyFans After Other Platforms Keep Banning Them for Nudity

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Vienna OnlyFans

There's no reason to be a little classy with OnlyFans.

According to a new story from NBC, the Vienna Tourist Board has turned to the content subscription platform for images of artwork deemed too NSFW to be posted on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Images from Austrian museums such as the Leopold Museum and Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, as well the Albertina, were previously flagged by NBC with content strikes.

They hope that OnlyFans will be a more welcoming place for artists whose work has been considered pornographic on other platforms.

What's Vienna doing on OnlyFans! According to the OnlyFans page, Vienna is home of some of the most well-known artworks in the world, including many that contain nudity. Some of the most popular social networks have policies that prohibit or censor these works. We want these artworks to be free on social media with our OnlyFans account.



Sweeten the Pot

The tourist board offers its early subscribers a city transport card and a free ticket for one of their museums. This is a great way to see Vienna in person.

The Vienna Tourist Board released a statement via its website stating that it has now placed Vienna's historic 18+ content on OnlyFans so subscribers can view provocative works by Richard Gerstl and Koloman Moser, as well as Egon Schiele and Amedeo Modegliani.

Art Uncensored

This situation raises many questions about the nature and purpose of censorship and art. What is the boundary between art and porn on these social media platforms? Is anyone allowed to do this?

It's a unique and innovative take on OnlyFans, which is often used by sex workers for selling X-rated images or videos of themselves. The establishment of a fine art organization may open doors for others. It will allow people to enjoy fine, but NSFW art while they are under lockdown and social distancing.



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