Rep. Adam Kinzinger says Republicans don't speak up about Trump because they'll 'be replaced by somebody like a Marjorie Taylor Greene' if they do

Republican Reps. Adam Kinzinger, Illinois (right), and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia (left). Andrew Harnik/Getty Images
Rep. Adam Kinzinger is an anti-Trump Republican and explained why his fellow Republicans don't speak out about Trump.

Kinzinger stated, "You lose, and your replacement will be a Marjorie Taylor Greene."

Greene replied by saying Kinzinger was "irrelevant" at this point.

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger from Illinois stated that many Republican colleagues chose not to speak out about President Donald Trump's ongoing challenges to democracy, because they fear losing and being "replaced" by someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Kinzinger mentioned the far-right Georgia congresswoman during a Roll Call interview published Tuesday. The Illinois Republican explained why Trump is a threat to his voice, even though most of his coworkers are supportive or silent about it.

Kinzinger said, "It's easy to believe that you can make a difference by speaking loudly." "The only thing that could happen is that you lose and you'll get replaced by someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene. This is how Congress members convince themselves: "Hey, I'm the best thing that I can do is to go limp."

Kinzinger stated to Roll Call that he believes that "our democracy" is under attack and that "nobody is coming."

He said, "We Americans have the sense that someone else will save us. We always have." You're right, no one is coming. It's us. It's not me. It doesn't matter if it means I lose my job. I'll make more money and live a simpler life.

He also said that he believed that voting on Social Security reform would end his political career rather than the political dynamics of an ex-president continuing to claim the election was stolen.

Kinzinger is one among two House Republicans (Rep. Liz Cheney is another) that serve on a Democratic-led committee to investigate the January 6th attack. A week after the attack on the US Capitol, January 6, Kinzinger was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump. Greene claims that the rioters in federal custody at present are being "abused"

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Roll Call also heard from the Illinois Republican that he believed it was crucial that January 6's narrative not be distorted and could threaten American democracy.

He stated, "If we don’t get this right and the misinformation about "peaceful demonstrations" becomes cemented into narrative, we won’t learn anything and this democracy is in real trouble."

A spokeswoman for Kinzinger stated in an email statement to Insider that the congressman was making the point that many people fear speaking out because they don’t want to lose power/jobs or be displaced from their 'tribe'. He is pointing out how sad this is, when you consider the alternatives of being silent or worse, echoing lies and fear-mongering to get so-called acceptance.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was reached for comment and stated that Kinzinger was "irrelevant" at this point.

She stated that "the only ones who pay him any attention are the Democrat activists working in fake news media." "Who cares?"

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