A nurse made his entire day's wages trading crypto on his lunch break, so he quit his day job and now makes 7 figures

Bloomberg reported that a 31-year old man quit his job as a pediatric nurse to trade cryptocurrency.
He now makes seven figures and owns a vacation house. He also has more time for his baby.

Insider reported that he was "very happy" about his decision.

Josh Dorgan worked as a pediatric nurse in a hospital unit until he realized that he could make more money trading crypto currencies.

According to the 31-year-old man from Omaha, Nebraska, cryptocurrency trading began in 2017 during his work breaks. He spoke with Bloomberg Businessweek's Katia Dimitrieva and Jill R Shah about an Oct. 14 article titled "These Out-of Work Americans Tell Us That Job Market Turmoil is Anything But Temporary."

Dorgan shared with Insider via Facebook that he had seen a report that bitcoin had reached $2,000. Dorgan said that he saw a news report that bitcoin had broken $2,000. He then did further research and stated that "it was an enormous opportunity to get involved in crypto as soon as possible."

Dorgan stated that it was more difficult to trade crypto during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

He told Bloomberg that it was hard to sit in my office and make a few hundred dollars per day, or whatever it was. Then, he said, he took a trade during lunch and made my entire day's wages in five minutes.

Insider learned that Dorgan quit his job in August 2020 after consulting a financial advisor and saving enough money to "in the event it didn't work out". Dorgan now makes seven figures and is happy with his decision. He noted that he has invested in both traditional and digital markets, as well as bitcoin, lightcoin and ethereum.

Insider reported that he said, "Officially I miss taking care [of the children] at the hospital, but I'm still able to help people by teaching them how markets work."

Dorgan now lives in a vacation home and spends more quality time with his baby girl. Bloomberg said that Dorgan has also made meditation and exercise a part of his daily routine. Bloomberg also stated that he has taken up home improvement projects, which was another favorite pastime during the pandemic.

Dorgan, a retail trader, has flooded the market during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is partly due to their increased time and government stimulus checks. They've succeeded.

They have flooded into cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, by driving up the prices of GameStop and AMC.

Even meme-inspired digital assets such as dogecoin or shiba Inu have been backed by retail traders. Others have also made their fortunes trading cryptocurrency, just like Dorgan. At the tender age of 12, a man invested $1,000 in bitcoin and is now worth millions. One man became a millionaire thanks to the meme-inspiring dogecoin.