Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield preparing to play Thursday; team believes shoulder injury not season-ending, according to source

Baker Mayfield talks about his shoulder injury, and whether it is causing him to be hurt by playing injured. (0:44).
BEREA, Ohio -- Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns quarterback, says that despite a torn labrum in his nonthrowing shoulder, he is still ready to play in Thursday's game against Denver Broncos. ESPN has been told by a league source that Baker Mayfield hopes to avoid having to have season-ending surgery.

"I do all I can to work with Dave Matthews, my physiotherapist. Mayfield spoke of the left shoulder's ability to tolerate pain and be there for my men.

"Obviously, if I was physically unable to play at my best and was causing harm to the team, then I wouldn't do it. I care about winning... Only my body knows how I feel. It's not right to question whether I'm hurting the team or going out there with injuries. It is my choice. It's my decision whether or not I can play.

Mayfield sustained the shoulder injury, initially described as a partially torn Labrum, on September 19, while trying to make a tackle following an interception. He played through the injury, with a shoulder harness for support. However, Mayfield was unable to continue playing against the Arizona Cardinals because of the shoulder injury.

It was in fact completely torn. Mayfield stated that other stuff was also damaged. You stabilize the shoulder, strengthen the ligaments and muscles around it until it feels stable. It won't pop out as often with such injuries."

Mayfield still awaits a second opinion from his doctor. The doctor will review Mayfield's MRI scans on Tuesday.

In Mayfield's absence, backup Case Keenum will take his place.