Netflix reveals this week that it may finally be cracking down on password sharing. The company discussed becoming stricter with the number of users taking advantage of one account during a third-quarter earnings interview on Wednesday.

Netflix didn't go into specifics as to how it would cut down on password sharing, but it may involve limiting devices and/or IP addresses. As you are probably already aware, the streaming platform currently limits the number of devices capable of streaming on one account simultaneously, but we could see an even stricter policy being implemented.

Netflix users have been sharing account information and piggy-backing subscriptions seemingly since the beginning of the service. The company has long since discussed cracking down on the number of users who have access to one account.

News of Netflix's expected password sharing amendment comes as new competitors are preparing to enter the streaming industry. Conversely, this could translate to additional perks for users in order to keep existing customers as well as lure new ones.


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