This Is Lufthansa’s New Business Class Catering?!?

After a wonderful Lufthansa first-class flight from Miami to Frankfurt and a day at the Lufthansa Terminal First Class Terminal, it was finally time to fly Lufthansa business class from Frankfurt to Paris. Since I have written many times about Lufthansa's intra-European business class, I won't be able to review the entire flight. But, I wanted to highlight something special about the experience.
My Lufthansa business-class meal was a strange one

I had a completely different meal on the 45-minute flight from Frankfurt to Paris that was shorter than the one I used to eat at Lufthansa. The crew served all business class passengers a wrap sandwich on a plate after takeoff. This was a very different experience than the ones I've had in the past.

Lufthansa Business Class Catering

It was unwrapped and I found some bread, cheese and some kind of spread. No accompaniments were provided. This is it.

Lufthansa Business Class Catering

It's not. After the trays had been cleared, an apple basket was brought to the landing area. Perhaps it's just me but I don't like biting into apples if I havent washed them in a while, havent got a knife or am not sure if they are clean, etc.

Lufthansa Business Class Catering

It was almost like a child in elementary school would trade food for other children because it didn't look appealing. (And im being polite, I think the other comparison could be to Fyre Festival).

Lufthansa's intra-European catering is a collection of small dishes of varying quality. Some are good, others are not. This is generally in line with the business class service that European airlines offer in Europe.

Lufthansa's business class catering

Lufthansa's business class catering

Wait, was this intentional catering? It was!

It was a strange feeling. I was a little skeptical that the flight had been catered incorrectly and that they were simply serving business class passengers food from the economy buy-on board menu.

The Tasting Heimat branding was on the tray liner as well as the apple sleeves. I also remembered seeing a press release from Lufthansa about it. This is Lufthansa's new intra-European catering concept. This is something we should be excited about! What are you waiting for?

For those not fluent in German, heimat is a translation of "home" or "heritage". The new business class catering should offer a taste from home. Let me share with you a few ways Lufthansa describes their new business class catering.

Enjoy culinary and sustainable diversity

German metropolises inspire creative menus

A new concept is based on sustainability and diversity

How does it taste? This will be available to Lufthansa Business Class passengers on both short- and medium-haul flights

Lufthansa responds to customers' requests for more variety

Lufthansa invites passengers to a culinary adventure through Germany with its catering partner gategroup

Modern culinary influences are mixed with traditional German cuisine from around the globe to create this delicious dish.

The German classics of German cuisine with unique components are served at Tasting HEIMAT

Do you think this description is too generous for the food I received?

One thing I must give Lufthansa credit is: It is amazing to see a cost-cutting initiative spun by Lufthansa as a positive.

Lufthansa claimed that the introduction of Buy on Board in Economy (including the elimination of free soft drinks) was based on feedback from customers.

Lufthansa stated that it is eliminating all alcohol on long-haul flights this winter in order to improve customer satisfaction

Bottom line

Lufthansa launched a regional business class catering concept last September. This was my first experience with it last week. It wasn't pleasant at all. Although this seems to be a clear cost-cutting measure, Lufthansa spins it as a positive. Maybe I got really bad catering.

The new concept of a meal is not so far-fetched, however. If I'm the one who prepares meals, then the new catering will taste just like home. Sk*trax has named Europe's only five-star airline.

Is there anyone who has tried Lufthansa's regional business class catering concept yet? What was your experience with the new regional business class catering concept by Lufthansa?