Martha Stewart is reportedly planning to sell her viral 'thirst trap' selfie as an NFT

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Martha Stewart will release her first NFT collection. The Wall Street Journal first reported this.

She plans to release regular collections that are tied to different holidays and seasons.

Her first line features Halloween-themed photos and a photo of her dressed in a bloody nurse's costume.

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Martha Stewart joins the NFT craze.

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the 80-year-old lifestyle guru will release her first non-fungible token collection. This comes amid a digital asset boom.

According to WSJ, the mogul will launch the collectibles in a series. She also revealed that she plans to release regular collections related to holidays and seasons.

According to The Journal, Stewart did extensive research prior to her venture into digital collectibles. She consulted her banker Mike Novogratz (founder of Galaxy Digital Holdings) and Snoop Dog.

The first line of her NFT is "Carved Collection", a Halloween-themed NFT that includes photos of pumpkin carvings and her favorite jacks-o-lanterns. There's even a photo of her dressed up as a bloody Halloween nurse.

She plans to publish her viral summer pool selfie, which she took at her Hamptons home.

She told The Journal, "That portrait will be an NFT." "Who would have thought? "I have been cool for a while, but I'm even cooler now."

NFTs, which are digital representations of artwork, cards or other collectibles linked to a blockchain, have seen a surge in popularity, with some of them selling for millions.

NFTs are a way for people to purchase the tokens on the blockchain. They do not own the artworks. NFTs are attractive to artists and collectors because it is almost impossible to alter the information on the blockchain.

Stewart has teamed up with Tokns Commerce which offers end-to-end NFT solutions and Fresh Mint which will transform her physical artifacts to tokens.

She said that her grandchildren love cryptocurrency and she was referring to them to the Journal. They're the Reddit group. These people are true go-getters. They want to be the first, they want cool, and they want to be trendy.