Fisher-Price’s iconic Chatter Telephone now makes actual phone calls

The Apple iPhone 4 is often regarded as the pinnacle in phone design. But what about Fisher-Price's Chatter Telephone? The Chatter Telephone is a favorite gadget among the visually discerning and under-4s, thanks to its friendliness (a smiley face on the front) as well as its mobile design (thanks its four wheels), for many years. Fisher-Price is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Chatter Telephone this week by surprising us once again with its innovation and courage: The Chatter Telephone can now make and receive phone calls.
Although the new Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone Bluetooth Edition is an accessory, it's not a full-fledged smartphone. The Bluetooth connection allows you to connect to your Android and iOS phones over Bluetooth. According to Gizmodo the plastic rotary dial can be used to dial numbers and you can answer or hang up calls by lifting the handset from the cradle. You can even use the loudspeaker function to make sure you get your nose bitten at that important conference.

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However, it is not all positive news. The $60 device charges via an outdated microUSB. This is disappointing, but it seems like a retrograde option. Preorders are only available at Best Buy. However, it is not known when the phone will ship. At least you can rest assured that the supply won't be affected by the shortage of chips. We expect more than a few households to be decked out with these beauties for Christmas.