Fisher-Price launches a working Chatter telephone for adults

You can now have your Fisher-Price phone work if you wish it had worked when you were a child. For its 60th anniversary, the toy company launched a special Chatter telephone edition that can make and take calls. It can't be used as a landline phone so don't plan on where you will display it. Instead, it connects via Bluetooth to your iOS and Android phones. It must be within 15 feet of your mobile device for it to work.
The Chatter phone can hold nine hours on one charge and has a speakerphone. This Chatter phone for adults has all the same features as its toy counterpart, with its red handset, rotary dial and wheels. Although the Chatter can only make and take calls, it is a novelty piece that can be used to bring back childhood memories. The Chatter is available exclusively at Best Buy, and you can order it now until stocks run out.