Hulu announces Mel Brooks' History Of The World, Part II

Mel Brooks finally makes a sequel to History Of The World, Part I, 40 years ago. This time, it will be in a format that is more appropriate for the concept than a feature movie. Hulu announced today that it has acquired History Of The World, Part II in an eight-episode variety show. It was written and executive produced by Brooks, Nick Kroll, Wanda Sykes, Ike Barrinholtz, David Stassen, Kevin Salter, and Wanda Sykes.

Brooks' original movie was essentially a series historical vignettes. Making it a sketch comedy program seems smarter than letting the middleman (and pretending it is a movie) seems to be a smart decision. Brooks stated that he is eager to tell the truth about the false baloney stories that the world has been led to believe are History.

The movie covered everything, from the birth of man to the French Revolution. This gives Hulu 220-years of content. Although we don't know what kind of bizarre historical hijinks might be involved, the press release states that the writers room is only getting started and production will not start until spring. It will be interesting to see Brooks and company make room for another History Of The World.

You can call it nostalgia bias, but there has been a lot in the last 200 years that makes it difficult for eight episodes to capture all of it. Two Brush presidencies were covered, as well as two World Wars and six Transformers films. Will History Of The World, Part II be able to catch up with Part I? If so, we will get a Mel Brooks musical comedy routine that makes fun of Mel Brooks musical comedy. That could be amazing.