AMC expands open captioning on movies in its US theaters

AMC has increased open captioning for some films to 240 cinemas across the US, which includes select showtimes of all its recent releases. AMC's biggest push to captioned shows is the expansion of its support in theaters throughout the US, which has now been extended to over 100 markets.
A spokesperson for AMCs stated that only a few theaters in America support open captioning prior to the fall and summer of 2021. This is separate from AMCs closed captioned assisted moviegoing initiative which is available at all its theaters nationwide.

With growing awareness about open caption showtimes, we anticipate strong demand.

Open captioning will not be available at all AMC shows, however, AMC stated that any theaters offering open captioning will provide it for new releases. According to AMC, open caption screenings will be supported in markets with at least two AMC theaters. The company stated that showtimes will include a mixture of evening, weekend, weekday, and matinee showings. It will also adjust according to customer feedback and demand.

Initial consumer reaction has been positive and we expect strong demand due to growing awareness about open caption showtimes and AMC's worldwide programming, Elizabeth Frank, EVP and chief content officer at AMC stated in a statement.

Frank said that AMC's support for open captioning would make its cinemas more accessible to millions of Americans who are hard of hearing or deaf, and for those for whom English is not their first language.

If you are interested in finding AMC showtimes at your nearest theater with open captioning, please click here or mark it on the AMC mobile app and website.