Charlotte Airport Has No Water, Passengers Please Use The Lav Before Deplaning

Charlotte airport has been without water since a major water main break. Restaurants must close. People cannot use the toilets or wash their hands. (I seem not to recall anything about having to do this often and for 20 seconds).
A water main broke in Charlotte near the Airport. At this moment, there is very little or no water pressure in the terminal. Charlotte Water is currently in contact with the Airport to assess the situation. CLT Airport (@CLTAirport), October 18, 2021

American Airlines advises passengers to use the lavatories aboard their plane before they depart. Grab your coffee grounds

Even in normal times, I feel sorry for Charlotte passengers. No matter how rocking they may be, the gates aren't built for American Airlines' high density aircraft. There is often very little space to maneuver around.


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