Dbrand reveals new PS5 Darkplates days after pulling the originals

Dbrand just days after pulling the originals off sale, has unveiled a new design for its PS5 Darkplates.
The original Darkplates were a mirror image of the sides shells on a PS5 but they were matte black. The company urged Sony to sue it in its marketing of the original version. Sony responded with a legal threat. Surprisingly, Dbrand already has a new design in place just days after Sony made a huge public fuss about it pulling the older version. Although they claim that they have been working on the design since September, they conveniently didn't tell us when Sony sent them cease-and-desist.

The Darkplates 2.0 are a little more modern than the original. The Darkplates 2.0 attach to the sides and back of the PS5 but are now more round than the original model. They now feature a prominent vent next to the PS5s fan. The Darkplates are available in three colors: matte black, retro gray, or white.

Is the new design sufficient to avoid Sony's fury? Dbrand says so and bolds some text for us.

Darkplates 2.0 creates a new design and closes the loop. This will negate any future infringement claims by Sony.

Sony threatened to file legal action in the cease and desist letter if Dbrand did not do three things.

1. All marketing and promotion of faceplates with the product configuration of SIEs PlayStationS faceplates and any similar product configuration will be immediately and permanently stopped and terminated worldwide. This includes all faceplates that are currently on sale at dbrand.com. All marketing and promotion for products or packaging bearing the PlayStation Family Mark or Modified Shape Mark Design will be immediately and permanently stopped and terminated. All use of the PlayStation Marks and similar marks worldwide must be immediately and permanently stopped.

Dbrand said that the company is actually complying with items 2 and 3. Dbrand also raised a question: Will Sony continue to sue you?

The answer is: Probably. This time, they don't have any basis to claim infringement because we created an original design. They should be prepared to pay our legal fees if they wish to attempt.

Preorders for the new Darkplates cost $59 and regular orders $69 respectively. Dbrand states that the first batch of Darkplates will be shipped in November and stock will follow in monthly cycles.

Correction 9:10 PM ET: The Darkplates are now available in three colors and not just two. We are sorry for the error.