Want a fully specced-out MacBook Pro? You’ll have to pay more than $6,000

Apple's new M1-equipped MacBook Pros were announced Monday. They look great, with powerful chips and adaptive refresh rate displays, as well as the return of many beloved ports. The 14-inch MBP starts at $1,999, and the 16 inch one at $2,499.
According to Apple's online store, the most expensive model will be the highest-end, which includes 64GB of unified storage and 8TB of SSD storage.

This is the price you pay before you purchase any software for your MacBook Pro. Apple recommends Final Cut Pro ($299.99), and Logic Pro ($199.99) at the MacBook Pro checkout page. Add those together and the price is just shy of $6,000. Apple has now revealed its new computers. However, you can now see how much it will cost to get the best one.


Correction 7:20 PM ET: The highest-spec MacBook Pro comes with an 8TB SSD and not an 8GB. We are sorry for the error.