Doc Rivers still unsure if Ben Simmons will play in Philadelphia 76ers' opener

CAMDEN (N.J.) -- Doc Rivers, Philadelphia 76ers coach, said he would "wait and see" Ben Simmons before deciding whether he will play against the Pelicans in the season opener.
Rivers stated, "Just learning the new stuff," when Rivers was asked about Simmons's specific focus after Monday's practice at their facility.

"We have been together for three weeks so we have established a good rhythm. He does more when he is in the room, especially when he's working on offensive stuff earlier. We've built from last season, but tweaked quite a bit. It's not difficult to learn, especially for him.

Rivers stated that Simmons was pictured wearing a blue jersey during Sunday's first practice. This signifies that he worked with both the second and first teams during Monday practice. Simmons was among six players who wore white, signifying that he was on the first team.

Simmons left the court immediately after practice was over and declined to speak with the media again. Simmons was informed by the team that he will address the media Tuesday before departing for New Orleans.

Rivers stated that he is happy with the current chemistry and that it will improve.

Rivers stated, "It will grow." Rivers said, "It will grow." It's not a problem right now. They are interchanging, it is coming, and it will take time.

"Chemistry has a huge impact, and overall I believe our chemistry is amazing right now. We want to keep it up."

Simmons spent the first two weeks at home with his teammates and hoped that this would make it difficult for the team to trade him. Simmons, however, returned to the team last Monday and took his first COVID-19 exam in the middle Monday's game at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center.

After that, he spent several days reviewing the league's reentry protocols and then practiced the last two days.

The team will be back in New York for a showdown against the Nets Friday night. There will also be games in Oklahoma City Sunday, and New York Tuesday.

Rivers stated that Shake Milton, with a sprained right leg, is not likely to play Wednesday in New Orleans. This could mean multiple Sixers guards will be on the floor against the Pelicans.

Rivers stated that the team has made minor tweaks to its offense, but veteran guard Danny Green said it won't take Simmons long to catch up.

Green stated, "It's not difficult." Green said, "We have only had two, three, maybe three weeks without him. Some of these guys have played with him for many years. Our offense hasn’t changed much.

"It's still predicated around these guys, Ben Tobias Joel, and Tobias Tobias. He just has to fit in when he's ready."