Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh says critics of Lamar Jackson 'whistling in the graveyard'

Lamar Jackson passes it to Mark Andrews in end zone. This makes it 42 consecutive games that the Ravens' QB has at least one passing score or rush score. (0:20).
OWINGS MILLS (Md. John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens coach, doesn't get the preseason narrative about how this was the year that the league would catch up to quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Harbaugh stated Monday that if you are looking for your headline, I believe the people making those statements are whistling in a graveyard a bit. It doesn't mean anything. Anyone who knows X's or O's is rolling their eyes whenever they hear something like this."

People from the league shared their thoughts with ESPN in August: "This could be the year everyone figures out Lamar Jackson."

Jackson led the Ravens to a record of 5-1. He is also one of the most explosive players the league has ever seen. Jackson ranked sixth in the NFL for passing (1,686), and seventh in rush (392). Jackson broke the NFL record for the most wins under 25 in Sunday's victory over the Los Angeles Chargers (34-6).

Harbaugh stated that defenses play Jackson's offense and Baltimore differently than other teams. He doesn't see the same scheme as he saw on tape in the past weeks.

Harbaugh stated, "I don’t believe once somebody does something -- any X-and O idea -- all of a sudden it's the solution." "We have been saying it for three years. There is no solution. You have to play well. Execute is key. The winner is the one who executes well and makes plays in the end. It's not about trying to figure someone out.