Microsoft’s Top Lawyer Had to Tell Bill Gates to Stop Hitting on Employee

There is a lot to learn here.
Bad Bill

Bill Gates spent his time after retiring from Microsoft building a reputation as a loving, generous, and philanthropic nerd.

Reports continue to surface of the corrupt behavior of the software billionaire, who mistreats and sexually proposes employees. Not to mention his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, a sex trafficker.

The Wall Street Journal has just reported that Gates' top lawyer and top human resources officer had to work together in 2008 to warn him to stop harassing a female employee via email. This means that the company was aware of Gates problematic behavior even when he was Microsofts chairman.

Lawyer Up

Gates camp is resisting the reporting.



These claims are fake, recycled rumors from source who have no direct knowledge and in some cases have significant conflict of interest, a Gates spokesperson stated to the WSJ.

Microsoft confirmed that the emails and company's responses were genuine, however.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that while flirtatious, they weren't overtly sexual but were considered inappropriate.

Divorce Drama

There is a lot to learn here.



It is not surprising that Gates has been the subject of new sex allegations, particularly in light of his divorce.

It is fascinating that Microsoft seems so openly contradicts the claims of its founders. This raises the question: What, and how much information would have to be revealed about Gates in order to threaten his carefully-cultivated post-Microsoft career, as a public thinker, and philanthropist.

READ MORE: Microsoft executives told Bill Gates years ago to stop emailing a female staffer [The Wall Street Journal]

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