Apple innovators do it again with $19 'Polishing Cloth'

Apple is a constant amazement.
We were reminded of this fact Monday by the company, which unveiled its latest creation, a $19 Apple-branded, "polishing cloth".

Just look at it. It's amazing.

Some serious polish. Credit to apple

Apple claims that the polishing cloth is specced to match its stunning appearance.

The accompanying marketing copy states that the Polishing Cloth is made with soft, nonabrasive material and cleans any Apple display safely and effectively.

Fear not, the cloth may not be suitable for your new iPhone 13. Apple will disarm you from that frightening notion. The brand-new polishing cloth is compatible with all Apple products, according to a compatibility listing. It's so easy.

The best of backward compatibility. Credit: screenshot: apple

Apple continues to lead the pack in terms of innovating new ways for people to pay more for products, as demonstrated by the polishing cloth.

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To get rid of the shame of buying one, you will need more than a $19 towelette.