Apple Releases Polishing Cloth for $19

Apple today announced a $19 microfiber polishing cloth accessory for cleaning Apple's screens.

Today's "Unleashed Apple" event was focused on the Mac as a hardware device with a screen. However, Apple has a comprehensive "compatibility list" on Polishing Cloth's website. This includes models from Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod touch that date back many years.

Apple recommends that you use caution when cleaning the nano-texture option on the Pro Display XDR or 27-inch iMac. However, the new cloth can be used even on these displays.

The Polishing Cloth is made with soft, nonabrasive material and cleans any Apple display safely and effectively.

The Apple Store has added the polishing cloth to its range of third-generation AirPods and new HomePod mini colors. It is also available for purchase now. You will need to buy an Apple polishing cloth separately for the new MacBook Pro models 14-inch and 16.-inch.