Leaders to Learn From

Women have always stepped up when faced with a crisis and led their organizations or teams. How did they do it? They have shown leadership skills that make them stand out, including taking initiative and communicating effectively.
Listeners were asked to share their views on bosses they admire in management and who have made a positive difference in their lives. We celebrated and learned from four of these women, including the managing partner of a law firm and the chief technology officer of a community college. The head of HR at an employee-recognition company was also on hand. Muriel Wilkins, a leadership coach, shares her advice about how to take care yourself and the people you supervise.

Guest expert:

Muriel Wilkins, co-founder of Paravis Partners, is a leader in executive coaching and leadership development. She hosts the HBR Presents podcast Coaching Real Leaders.


The complete transcript will be available on October 25th.