Apple’s new MacBook Pro has a notch

Apple has added a notch to the MacBook Pro's display. It is a cutout that houses the camera system. This is similar to how Apple used a notch design when it launched its iPhone X in 2017. The notch is a surprise addition to the new MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch models. Both are equipped with the latest Apple M1 silicon.
The 14- and 16 inch MacBook Pro models have been completely redesigned. Thanks to this notch, the bezels were trimmed down. The side bezels are now 3.5mm thinner than before. It is also 60% thinner. The macOS menu bar wraps around the camera and looks much better when dark mode is enabled.

This notch has a new camera. The 1080p version has a wider aperture, larger image sensor and should offer better low-light performance. Apple uses computational video to create this webcam. This includes noise reduction, machine-learning-based face detection and local tone mapping. Smart HDR features include smart white balance, auto exposure and auto white.

Despite all the improvements, it's still a regular webcam. Apple hasn't even added Face ID. Apple justified the notch on iPhone X by introducing Face ID. However, the notch seems to be more about shrinking the display bezels.

The 14-inch's 120Hz resolution is combined with HDR support. This gives you a significant increase in fluidity. Apple will also add an SD card slot and HDMI port to its hardware. The new 14-inch MacBook Pro can be read about here.