Jaren Jackson Jr. agrees to 4-year, $105M rookie contract extension with Memphis Grizzlies, agent says

Austin Brown, the agent for Jaren Jackson Jr., of CAA Sports, announced to ESPN Monday that Memphis Grizzlies forward Jaren Johnson Jr. had agreed to a four year, $105 million rookie contract extension.
Before the 6 p.m. deadline, Zach Kleiman, general manager of the Grizzlies, and Brown finalized details to the agreement. ET deadline for the 2018 draft class. Jackson was scheduled to sign the contract Monday morning at Grizzlies practice facility.

Jackson, 22 years old, has proven himself to be a key player on a talented, young Grizzlies team and is one of the most dynamic, versatile, and innovative young big men in the league.

Jackson was the No. Jackson was the No. 4 pick from Michigan State in 2018 NBA Draft and has teamed up with Ja Morant, point guard, to create one of the most promising young teams in the league.

Jackson was sidelined for a large portion of the 2020-21 season due to a meniscus injury, but he is back at full strength in this preseason. In his three NBA seasons, Jackson has averaged 15.4 point, 4.7 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks.

Monday is the deadline to extend rookie class 2018 contracts. So far, Atlanta's Trae and Dallas' Luka Doncic, Oklahoma City’s Shai Gilgeous Alexander, Denver's Michael Porter Jr. and Phoenix's Mikal Bridges have all agreed to extensions.