Brian Laundrie Look-Alike Bum-Rushed by Feds on Appalachian Trail

Agents stormed into a hotel room of a man believed to be Brian Laundrie's dead ringer.
The so-called doppelganger is Severin Beckwith. He was hiking the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina with a friend and was staying at Fontana Village Resort & marina in North Carolina. He was rudely surprised by the Marshals.

Beckwith told the New Yorker that he heard someone knocking at their hotel door. Before Beckwith knew it, federal agents in riot gear and shields came in and pointed guns at him. They then proceeded to pin him down and look for signs that he was Laundrie.

Evidently, one of the agents checking Beckwith out stated that he had a notch at the top of his inner ear, just like Laundrie. But Beckwith was eventually cleared.

Beckwith was allowed to leave after presenting an ID and proving that he did not have Brian's tattoos. He was also warned to shave his mustache for the future. Beckwith is sporting a shaved appearance (similar to Laundrie who's bald). Witnesses claimed that they saw Laundrie recently in the area.

Beckwith says that he believes it was one of the employees at the hotel who took a photograph, which the agents showed him throughout the whole ordeal.