This Week Marks the 20th Anniversary of the iPod and 30th Anniversary of the PowerBook

Apple's virtual "Unleashed” event coincides this week with two significant Apple product anniversaries, the 20th anniversary announcement of the original iPod and the 30th anniversary the original PowerBook's inception.

On October 23, 2001, Steve Jobs revealed the original iPod at a small press conference at Apple's Infinite Loop headquarters. Jobs described the iPod as having "1,000 songs in your pocket", and compared its "ultra-portable size" to a deck of cards. This was a remarkable comparison at the time.

Jobs stated in a press release that Apple's iPod is a new type of digital music player. "With iPod, Apple invented a whole new category of music player that allows you to put your entire music collection into your pocket and listen wherever you go," Jobs said. With iPod, music listening will never be the same.


The iPod, along with the iPhone and the iMac, was one of the key products that made Apple successful again after it fell prey to bankruptcy in late 1990s. Since then, the device has become a niche product. The iPod touch is the last model that you can purchase, following the discontinuance of the iPod classic and iPod nano in 2014.


Apple will unveil redesigned MacBook Pro models this week. This week also marks the 30th Anniversary of the original PowerBook models, which were unveiled at the COMDEX trade fair in Las Vegas on October 21, 1991. These PowerBook models, which are still in use today, were Apple's first laptops to feature a hinged form factor.