The best gifts for pets (and their parents)

Everyone has that friend who treats their pet as if it were their child or best friend. (Yes, I am that friend and I have my dog's name tattooed on myself. You think it's funny?
It's easy to think that a great pet parent has enough stuff for their dog, but it's very possible you are wrong. The best pet accessories, such as chew toys, tracking devices and umbrella-leash contraptions, aren't always affordable, especially the high-quality ones.

We recommend getting your pet companion something that will benefit them, if you are having trouble finding a gift for them, whether it be their birthday, holidays or I appreciate you present. You don't have to stress about the many gift options available (and there are plenty). Instead, take a moment and let your mind be calm. You're even more fortunate to be able to save money on Black Friday.

We have compiled a list of great gift ideas for pet owners. We are confident that you will find something you love. Go make pet owners (and their pets) happy today!