Look like your favorite Metal Gear Solid character, Cool Glassesman, with these Hideo Kojima shades

Hideo Kojima, a legendary videogame designer, has teamed up with Jean-Franois Rey, a French eyewear specialist, to create a limited-edition set of specs, shades, and a 3D-printed face. Preorder the capsule collection now at unknown prices for delivery in March 2022.
These designs are based on the design of Kojimas' Death Stranding. This is not the first time this game has led to high fashion collaborations. However, I believe they would look great in a variety of Kojimas near-contemporary and futuristic game worlds. They could even be worn on the faces of some of the wonderful-named Metal Gear Solid characters. We suggest Cool Glassesman. It's not worse than Hot Coldman.

There are four pieces in the collection. The first is HKxJF01: a pair combination spectacles featuring round frames and curved rectangular sunglasses that can be flipped out from the arms to cover your eyelids.

Grid View HKxJF01

HKxJF02 consists two traditional-looking frames in interesting colorways. One has a leather look, while the other two have patterns that look more like digital camo or skins. These frames come with clip-on shades.

Grid View HKxJF02

These two items can only be purchased together: a pair slightly steampunk-esque glasses (HKxJF03) and a 3D printed mask, named after Ludens, the mascot at Kojima Productions.

The HKxJF03 specs are a combination of metal, acetate and 3D nylon materials. The mask is made using a 3D printing technique called SLS or selective laser sintering. There are also little metal icons that represent the Kojima Productions logo, which also features Ludens, in the rim.

Grid View Ludens Mask + HKxJF03

All of these are really great. These are not items that I would ever wear but they look a lot better than other fashion and videogame collaborations. (I'm thinking of Tag Heuers shabby Mario watches, or Fortnites incredibly unimaginative Balenciaga cosmetics. Hideo Kojima aka Cool Glassesman: Here's to you.