The Pixel 6: what to expect from Google’s thoroughly pre-announced phone

We've seen the Pixel 6 (and Pixel 6 Pro). Google's decision to reveal and tease its high-end flagship was confusing and revealing, but it wasn't that important, considering all the leaks.
The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have a new, colorful design. They include an in-display fingerprint sensor and Google's Tensor SoC. The Pro has a 120Hz 6.7 inch screen and the standard Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch screen at 90Hz. But the difference may be in the cameras. The Pro has an extra 4x optical zoom lens, while the Pro has both wide- and ultrawide cameras.

You might wonder, however, what else could Google possibly have to offer? There are a lot of interesting things, according to leaks. We will be live covering Google's event on Tuesday. But, keep reading below to find out what you can expect for the Pixel 6 launch.

New hardware and upgraded cameras are available

Google held the title of best smartphone camera for its Pixel line for many years, but it lost the prize in recent years to what Apple and Samsung brought to the table. Google may need to make a clear shift from mid-range phones with mid-range specs and to something more high-end to regain its crown.

Rumours and leaked pages from Carphone Warehouse (viewable here and here on the Wayback Machine) indicate that Google is investing a lot of money in the Pixel 5's cameras. The Pixel 6 features a 50MP main sensor, a significant upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro's 12MP camera and 12MP ultrawide. Pixel 6 Pro has an additional 4x zoom camera with 48MP Telephoto. This can be used to achieve a higher zoom of 20x thanks to Google's Super Res Zoom feature.

The front camera of the Pixel 6 Pro will also feature a wide field of view of 94 degrees. This is similar to the wide-angle Pixel 3 selfie camera. The front camera is a place where people love to take selfies. This is because Apple has decided to keep selfies the exact same on the iPhone 13.

Others tweaks are not as obvious. With Extreme Battery Saver on, the Pixel 6's battery will last for 48 hours on one charge. Android Central reports that the Pixel 6 Pro may offer faster charging with a 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes. A new 30W charging brick, which will not be included in the box, and a 23W Pixel Stand with active cooling help make this happen.

These same leaked Pixel 6 store pages point to Cornings Gorilla glass Victus being used for the new phone's glass and a new clear cover that could be ideal for showing off multicolored Pixel 6 models.

The Magic Eraser is a long-awaited software trick.

Google can jam as many high-tech devices into its phones as it likes, but the real secret is how its software extracts the most performance from it. There are several software features on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro that may do that.

The first is Magic Eraser. It promises to remove unwanted objects and strangers with just a few taps on Google Photos. This is a feature that Google has been working on for at most four years. In 2017, the company introduced an identical obstruction-erasing function that removed a fence from a photograph of a baseball match. Although Magic Eraser will not work for all photos, it seems very impressive in the instances when it does.

Google's other two software features, which are also mentioned in leaked store pages, are opposites. Face Unblur is a tool that blurs faces in motion-heavy images (Google's example being children playing). Motion Mode adds more action and action to photos. Google's example photo shows children playing on a blurry Ferris wheel. Two subjects are in focus, almost as if they were a long exposure background and traditional photo foreground.

Google's Tensor chip, which is mysteriously designed, has enabled several types of on-device translation. The Carphone Warehouse leak's text specifically mentions:

Chats can be translated instantly, podcasts with subtitles are available and you can even use your camera for signs in up to 55 languages. You don't even need the internet.

Rumours suggest that both Pixel 6 versions will have extensive software support. This could allow them to stay ahead of other manufacturers as Google releases new features. According to 9to5Google's analysis, this would mean four major Android updates and five years worth of security updates. This is based on the information The Verge obtained from those leaked store pages.

Google-y version of Apple One subscription

A nice subscription package is a great way to get a lot of new phones and software. Apple One was Apple's subscription bundle that included services such as Apple TV Plus, Apple Music, extra iCloud storage, and Apple Music. Google may have something similar with the bundle Pixel Pass.

Pixel Pass: This seems to be a combination of the iPhone Upgrade Plan where you can get a new iPhone every year and the Apple One Subscription.

Contains YouTube Premium, Google One, Play Pass, extended warranty, and is associated with Google Fi.#pixel6 #teampixel M. Brandon Lee | THIS IS TECH TODAY (@thisistechtoday) October 10, 2021

Brandon Lee leaked a document that suggested Pixel Pass could include up to four subscriptions. These could include YouTube Premium or YouTube Music and Google One for additional storage and discounts. Play Pass for games and apps, Google Fi, and Google One. A type of upgrade plan similar to Apple's iPhone Upgrade program could be included in the bundle.

A foldable Pixel

Last but not the least, Google may show off a different Pixel device or tease it at the launch event for the Pixel 6, a foldable codenamed Passport.

Google announced in 2019 that it has been developing foldable devices for years. Google has made many modifications to Android over time to make it more compatible with devices such as Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3. And there are still more plans. Google may try to make a device that can cross the tablet and phone markets.

A 2020 internal Google document was leaked that confirmed that the company had set a 2021 release date for the Passport. This could lead to a release in late 2021.