Newcastle v Tottenham: Doctor describes how he helped save fan's life

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Dr Tom Prichard was one of the witnesses at St James' Park, and also helped at the scene

A doctor described Sunday's Premier League match at St James' Park as the moment when he reached out to help an elderly Newcastle fan who had fallen near him.

Match was stopped in the first period when supporters performed CPR on a man who had experienced cardiac arrest. A defibrillator was also used.

Later, the man was said to have been stable and responsive in hospital.

BBC Breakfast: Dr Tom Prichard said, "It all happened so fast."

"I was sitting in the Gallowgate End when I noticed that something was going on. Fans called over first-aiders, stewards, and were able to see that a woman was performing CPR on someone.

"As an A&E physician, I was able to lend a helping hand to see if I could help."

Dr. Prichard is a doctor at the University Hospital of North Tees, Stockton.

He said, "St John's were quite quick and took over CPR. A friend of mine also came to assist.

"We gave the man a shock using the defibrillator. He was very lucky because an intensive care doctor arrived very quickly, and the cardiologist arrived. We were able to bring the guy back."

In the 40th minute, East Stand fans alerted officials and players to the incident.

Sergio Reguilon, Tottenham's player, spoke to Andre Marriner about refereeing. Eric Dier raced up to the touchline to call for a defibrillator from medical staff.

Marriner stopped play and both teams left the pitch.

Dr. Prichard said, "I went into overdrive" and remained focused on the matter at hand." He also works part-time for Middlesbrough Academy and rugby league side Newcastle Thunder.

"When I returned to my seat, I didn't realize that the game was over and that we were still in the first-half."

Prichard received a standing ovation as he returned to the chair.

"It wasn’t just me. Another doctor friend helped me. St John's was brilliant, the Newcastle club doctor was there to help, so it wasn't just me," said he.

"But I will tell you that when 10,000 people chanted 'hero' at my, it was one of the most memorable moments in my life."

Dr. Prichard stressed how important it is to intervene quickly and save the life of the fan.

He said, "I want to emphasize the importance of early CPR and chest compressions as well as early defibrillation."

"That's what saved this man’s life. If anyone were to witness this happening to them, chest compression and CPR should be done immediately."