Sen. Joe Manchin is demanding Biden's child tax credit come with a work requirement and income cap around $60,000, report says

Sources told Axios that Senator Joe Manchin wants to limit family income at $60,000 with the child credit.
Manchin supported credit under the American Rescue Plan March without any work requirement.

One study revealed that the first child tax credit payment lifted 3 million children from poverty.

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Sources told Axios that Sen. Joe Manchin, West Virginia's senator, has demanded a number of changes to the child credit.

In March, the credit was expanded under the American Rescue Plan. Manchin supported families and there was no work requirement. Most families received monthly payments of $250 to $300 for each child. The full credit was available to single-parent and couple families with incomes of up to $112,500 or $150,000, respectively.

Manchin's proposal to reduce the income cap would make it much more difficult for families to bring home enough to still be eligible for credit.

The strong majority of Congressional Democrats lobbied for the permanentization of the child tax credit, which helps millions of families to pay for basic necessities such as housing, health care, education, and child care.

Columbia University's August study found that approximately 3 million children were lifted out of poverty by the American Rescue Plan's July first child tax credit payment.

Manchin insists that credit without a work requirement attached will lead to an entitlement mentality in society and economy. He told CNN's Dana Bash in September that linking credit to parents and jobs would ensure that assistance is provided to the "right people".

Researchers from the Center on Poverty and Social Policy, Columbia University, Barnard College and Bocconi University released a report last week that found the credit had "statistically significant impacts" on job-seeking and workforce participation.

Insider's Joseph Zeballos Roig reported that the child tax credit program is one of many policies at risk in the $3.5 trillion social spending bill. This bill will be a compromise between Democrats and centrists such as Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Manchin.


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