Leonard Williams knows New York Giants fans 'have a right to be upset' after another home loss

EAST RUTHERFORD (N.J.) -- Leonard Williams, New York Giants' defensive lineman, heard the boos of the home crowd during Sunday's 38-11 loss to the Los Angeles Rams at MetLife Stadium. They were also not appreciated by him.
"The boos do bother me. We're at our home stadium. Williams, the Giants' highest paid player, said that they don't want to hear boos from their own fans. Williams was responsible for 1.5 sacks in Sunday's loss. "I can understand that they are upset because they want to see us play good football and haven't been winning.

"But at the exact same time, it's not clear to me. It's just not what I like."

Fans are growing frustrated with the Giants (1-5), who seem destined to lose their fifth consecutive season. Fans are tired of the Giants (1-5) losing this season, especially after they entered it with high expectations.

Williams signed a $63 million, three-year contract. $45 million was guaranteed earlier in the year.

Giants fans are feeling the pain of losing, and many are spending their hard-earned cash on tickets. They pay some of the highest prices for NFL tickets, but they don't get the product that they want.

New York has now lost all three games at MetLife Stadium by a combined score 82-38. Since 2017, it has lost 26 of 35 home games. Since then, the team has also had the worst overall record in all of NFL.

"What was my impression of it?" "Yes, they were upset," quarterback Daniel Jones stated. "We didn’t play well. That was a very upsetting thing.

Williams seems to understand the frustration. He believes it should be dealt with differently.

According to reports, the veteran lineman was also a player with the New York Jets from 2015 to '19.

Williams stated that Williams believes no one should be judged, regardless of their race or gender. Williams said, "I am not going to confront a salesman and tell them he is not a good person, or boo that person because he doesn't do his job or something similar."

This analogy does not seem to apply in all cases. Giants fans pay to be consumers, and in this instance, they weren’t necessarily booing Williams directly. They were disapprovaling of the team and the product that they were consuming.

On Sunday, the Giants trailed 38-3 by the end of the fourth quarter.

Williams stated, "I just said that I understood why fans would get upset." It doesn't really matter what you think. I get out there and play football. I don't just sit in the stands. It's not possible for me to see it from their point of view."

This wasn't the first occasion this Giants team has been booed. Each of the three first home games saw boos.

Giants owner John Mara was even heckled during the halftime ceremony to honor the career of Eli Manning, the legendary quarterback, at their last home match against the Atlanta Falcons last month.

Mara stated, "I would boo too," in the hallway as she headed to her suite just before the third quarter of the contest began. "We're 0-2, and down at half."

They are 1-5, and they're not in a better place now.


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