Halloween Kills It at the Box Office, Not So Much at Peacock

It seems like Michael Myers is unstoppable, either in Haddonfield or in real-life. Halloween Kills was released Friday in theaters as well as on Peacock and made a huge impact at the box office, with a $55million take. It was largely from North America, with its love for John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis. The $50 million debut was also higher than expected.


Although Myers was able to defeat competition such as No Time to Die North America, Myers was no match for Venom: Let There be Carnage. With an international weekend gross of $115.6million, Andy Serkis' and Tom Hardys Marvel movie is still breaking pandemic records. It is currently worth $283.6 million and on track to surpass $300 million. The movie has not yet been released in China, which is partly why we have a sequel.

While Kills success is great for the box office (which has seen some consistent franchise hitters in recent weeks), it is not good news for Peacock. Disney quickly sent out emails praising Jungle Cruise's success after it had its double release in the summer. NBCUniversals has been quiet about the number of viewers, which speaks volumes about their plans to stream the movie. You can still view it in your own home.

Whatever the case, the horror reboot's second act by director David Gordon Greens has made a solid start. Universal and Blumhouse are likely to be smart in making this a trilogy in 2019. The final installment of the series will come out in 2022 with Halloween Ends. Dune will be released in theaters next week and on HBO Max. Now it's time to find out if Michael can survive an ass space worm. (Dudes has survived many injuries in his life so it is likely that he can.

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