Brian Laundrie's father was captured removing a yellow protest sign about his daughter from his front yard, report says

Brian Laundrie speaking to the Moab City Police Department in Utah on August 12, 2021. Moab City Police Department
Brian Laundrie's father was photographed removing protest signs from his front lawn.

New York Post captured Chris Laundrie at his Florida home Saturday.

Laundrie was said to have removed a sign that stated: "What if Cassie did this?"

According to the New York Post, Brian Laundrie's father was caught removing protest signs from his front lawn on Saturday.

The outlet obtained photos showing Chris Laundrie, 62, removing the sign from his yard that referred to Cassie. According to the outlet, the sign was placed beside a Petito photo and read: "What If This Happened to Cassie?"

Cassie Laundrie is Brian's sister and has just broken her silence about his disappearance in September. According to Natalie Musumeci, Insider, Cassie claimed that her family received death threats. This led to multiple police visits at their Lakewood Ranch home in Florida. She had previously spoken to protestors who were on her property, saying that she didn't know about Petito's disappearance while she was at a campground with her family on September 6.

After a cross-country trip with Petito, her brother returned to North Port in Florida. Petito's mother reported Petito missing 10 days later. Police soon named him a person of concern.

After he was reported missing in September 17, authorities have been searching desperately for her brother at Florida's Carlton Reserve. Chris Laundrie joined the law enforcement manhunt to find his son earlier this month but made no discoveries.

Petito's corpse was found near Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, on September 19. The cause of death was determined by a Wyoming coroner as manual strangulation. Brian was not charged with her death but an arrest warrant was issued by the authorities alleging that he used an "unauthorized credit card".

Since the national media attention was given to the case, protesters have engulfed the Laundrie house where the couple lived. Two protesters were captured on video banging on the door of the Laundrie home, calling it "dirty laundry" and calling them dirty Laundries.

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