Spider-Man: No Way Home's Trailer is Pretty Good as a 1960s Cartoon

You've probably seen the trailer for Spider-Man 2: No Way Home at least a few times. Fans are excited about Tom Holland's final film as the wallcrawler. The trailer is available in a retro version for you to enjoy.


Darth Blender is a Youtuber who makes movie trailers from footage of animated shows. He uses clips from No Way Homes audio and clips of Spider-Man: His Amazing Friends. This trailer has some charm, as it uses cheap animation to show the scale of 2021 films. The Asian character that Wong is supposed to be replacing Wong is charming. You're right. Yes, Blender uses the much-maligned moment of two Spider-Men exactly as you would think.

The quality of the cartoon at 67 is still a matter of debate. It was the first animated portrayal of the hero voiced by Paul Soles. You've probably seen many memes about it on social media. Some episodes of the three-season run were hilarious at best, and total snoozes at worst. This trailer gives a fascinating look into the history of the hero and may encourage younger viewers to watch the show.

On December 17, Spider-Man: The Way Home will be in theaters

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