Y: The Last Man Canceled by FX on Hulu

FX's adaptation of Y the Last Man by Pia Guerra and Brian K. Vaughan has been canceled. Eliza Clark, FX's showrunner, announced today that FX would not be continuing with a second season.


The series stars Ben Schnetzer playing Yorick Brown, a cis man who is not subject to sudden death. It premiered last month to mixed reviews. It has been interesting to watch, and we have noticed some worldbuilding that is being done to bring the source material to today. Clark thanked the crew and FX for their support in her statement. Clark expressed her gratitude to the cast and crew, as well FX. We are certain that someone else will be very fortunate to have this story and the team.

Clark says that there are still three episodes of Y's first and only season. She urges fans to continue watching the rest. She tweeted that they were "epic", and she encouraged viewers to tell their friends about the show in order to increase its chances of being re-aired. Clark hopes to inspire the viewers to watch the show with the hashtag #YLivesOn. This tactic has worked for shows like Young Justice, The Expanse, and the great Warrior. It will be interesting to see if Yorick is granted a second chance or if her journey ends abruptly.

Y: The Last Man still has three episodes left of its current season. On Monday, October 18, the premiere of the newest episode will be made.

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