Baltimore Ravens' Lamar Jackson sets NFL record for most wins (35) under the age of 25

Lamar Jackson passes it to Mark Andrews in end zone. This makes it 42 consecutive games that the Ravens' QB has at least one passing score or rush score. (0:20).
BALTIMORE -- Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens' best-ever NFL record holder, set another NFL record.

Jackson broke the NFL record for most wins by a quarterback younger than 25 years old with Sunday's 34-6 win over the Los Angeles Chargers. He passed Dan Marino with his 35th win.

The Ravens won the battle of the first-place teams and are now 5-1. This is the best conference record at the moment. On Monday, the Buffalo Bills (5-1) will play host to the Tennessee Titans.

Most NFL Wins under 25* Lamar Jackson 35 Dan Marino34 Drew Bledsoe32 Ben Roethlisberger29 *since 1970 merger

Jackson, now at 35-8, won't be turning 25 until January 7. In the last two decades, no quarterback younger than 25 has won more 30 games.

Under Jackson, Baltimore has seen a remarkable turnaround. Between winning the Super Bowl in 2012, when the Ravens won it 44-45 (.494) and Jackson becoming the starter halfway through 2018, the Ravens had a record of 44-45 (.494).

This record is six days after Jackson, the first player to reach 400 yards passing, four touchdown passes and 50 yards running in Baltimore's 31-25 win against the Indianapolis Colts.