IATSE Reaches a Deal on Film and TV Contract, With Mixed Reception

We reported earlier this week that the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employers (IATSE), were going to strike. This was just one of many happening recently. As it turned out, conversations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers were coming to a halt. It was planned that the union would strike nationwide on Monday. This would cause all Hollywood productions to stop until they were satisfied. A deal was reached on Saturday night. However, not everyone is happy with it.


The Basic Agreement is currently being ratified and will be in effect for three years. The agreement addresses core issues of IATSE and will provide reasonable rest periods, retroactive wage rises at 3%, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and living wages to those at the bottom of the payscale. Matthew Loeb, president of IATSE, described it as a Hollywood end and a landmark deal. We were able to go toe to toe against some of the most influential entertainment and tech companies around the globe, and have now reached an agreement that addresses the needs of our members with the AMPTP.

Although Loeb's statement portrays a happy end to the story and many actors have expressed their gratitude for the agreement, IATSE members are not in agreement. Many members responded to the Basic Agreement tweet, pointing out how little has actually changed. The same sentiment can be found on IATSE's Instagram. Many members call this insufficient and say they will vote no to ratify.

IATSE has not yet released a statement to address the concerns of its members as of this writing. Deadline was informed by an unidentified individual that the agreement was fair for all parties. However, this doesn't seem to be true. Unless something changes, the IATSE fight won't end as Hollywood would like it to.