A Florida school says students who get vaxxed must stay home for 30 days due to unfounded claim that they'll infect others

Junior Molly Day receives her first Pfizer Biontech COVID vaccination at Ridley High School, Ridley, Pennsylvania, May 3, 2021. Pete Bannan/MediaNews Group/Daily Times via Getty Images
Centner Academy in Florida advised parents that any student who is vaccinated must remain there for at least 30 days.

WSVN reported that this is because students who have been vaccinated can spread the virus to unvaccinated ones.

WSVN spoke to an infectious disease expert, who described that belief as "science fiction."

Private school in Miami, Florida requires students to be vaccinated and quarantine at home for 30 day after each dose.

According to WSVN, parents of Centner Academy students are required to remain at home for 30 consecutive days after vaccinations for boosters and doses. Students may return to school at any time after that period, provided they are healthy and free from symptoms.

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Parents are also urged to wait until the summer to get their children vaccinated, as there is less chance of transmission to others.

WSVN was informed by school officials that there is a 30-day quarantine requirement because they fear that unvaccinated students could infect vaccinated ones.

WSVN spoke to one infectious disease expert, who described that belief as "science fiction."

"What happens to them 30 days after getting vaccinated?" This is absurd! Florida International University's Dr. Aileen Marty said the following: "Where did they get that?" It's not in the recommendations that they made that up. It's science fiction.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a myth page that states that none of the COVID-19 vaccines approved in the US "contain COVID-19 virus." This means that COVID-19 vaccines cannot cause COVID-19-related illness.

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Early research suggests that fully vaccinated individuals are less likely to contract the coronavirus than unvaccinated. Doctor Anthony Fauci, the country's most respected coronavirus expert, stated that vaccinated individuals who contract it are less likely to spread it than those who have not been vaccinated.

Data suggests that there is a hierarchy among the three vaccines approved in the United States. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine performs the worst. Health experts say that getting vaccinated with even a Johnson and Johnson dose of vaccine is better than not getting vaccinated at any time.

Vaccines can cause fevers, according to the CDC, but this is normal and a sign that the body is building immunity against the virus. A review of over a dozen studies revealed that Pfizer and Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and AztraZeneca were highly effective in preventing severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Officials from the Health Department are encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated against the coronavirus as soon possible.

The CDC has an information page on vaccinating children that states, "Schools can encourage vaccinations among teachers and staff, families and eligible students, by providing information about COVID-19 vaccine, encouraging vaccine trust, confidence and establishing supportive policies, practices and policies that make getting vaccinated as simple and convenient as possible."

Coronavirus and its variants are rapidly spreading through schools. They have infected and even killed teachers and students. California's unvaccinated teacher spread the coronavirus to 26 students after she removed her mask to read to the class. COVID-10 was fatally infected a Mississippi eighth grader just one week after he started school in August. Two teachers from Texas were killed by COVID-19 within days of each other, prompting the temporary closure of the school district.

Centner Academy did not respond immediately to Insider's request to comment. However, Centner Academy made a statement to WSVN in defense of the letter that was sent home to parents.

"The top priorities of Centner Academy are the well-being of our students and their safety in our educational environment." WSVN officials confirmed that they will continue to follow these priorities. These priorities were the basis for the email sent to families today.

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