US Officials Shocked by Chinese Missile Test That Went All the Way Around the Earth

"We don't know how they did it."
Surprise Launch

In late August, China conducted a hypersonic missile testing that caught the United States off guard.

Financial Times sources anonymously claimed that the missile circled the globe in low Earth orbit before heading towards its target. The rocket was capable of carrying a hypersonic glider that enabled it to travel at amazing speeds.

Awe and shock

Even more remarkable is the fact the missile test caught US intelligence off-guard. Although the missile missed its target by approximately two dozen miles, US officials were shocked at how much progress has been made by the Middle Kingdom in hypersonic weapons.

One source told Financial Times that they don't know how they did it.



It is harder to fight

According to Taylor Fravel, Financial Times, China's development of hypersonic weapons is a unique threat to US defense. Fravel, an expert in Chinese nuclear weapon policies, believes that the hypersonic glider could negate the US missile defence system.

Hypersonic glider vehicles . . Fravel explained to Financial Times that they fly at lower speeds and can maneuver in flight which makes them difficult to track and destroy. In the event of an attack, the USs missile defense system might not be effective.

China may soon possess hypersonic missiles, which is horrifying regardless of who they are.

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