Doom Patrol's Coming Back for Another Warped and Wacky Season

Doom Patrol is one DC's most bizarre shows. It's also a lot fun. The show's misfit cast trying to be superheroes is full of charm, which makes it a great choice for HBO Max. Yesterday's long DC Fandome saw a trailer drop for the final episodes of the third season. It gives a glimpse of what lies ahead. Spoiler alert: there is a lot more weirdness than this trailer suggests, even for those who aren't interested.


Only a few episodes remain as the Doom Patrol tries to save the world against the Brotherhood of Evil (Sisterhood of Dada) They've seen a lot in this year, including the loss of Timothy Dalton, the Chief. They have a new friend in Michelle Gomez' Madame Rouge. They haven't had much luck since some of them have faced new and potentially dangerous situations after dying and coming back to live. Being made into puppets and eating worms is not good.

The cast announced that the show would return for a fourth season after the release of the midseason trailer. It's not surprising that this is the case, as it and other shows such as Titans and Harley Quinn were so popular when they first started on DC Universe, HBO Max quickly bought them up. WB clearly wants more DC shows, as they are bringing back the show about Batman's butler next season. Doom Patrol, with all its sentient streets and ass monsters, is coming back!

All episodes of Doom Patrol can be found on HBO Max right now. A new episode will premiere this Thursday, October 21st.

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