Batman Caped Crusader: Bruce Timm New Cartoon First Look

It is well-known that the greatest Batman cartoon ever made was the 90s animated series. This was created by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and formed the foundation of the equally great DC Animated Universe. It's worth looking at whenever Bruce Timm has Batman back. Based on this preview, Batman: Caped Crusader looks like it is worth obsessing about.


Batman: Caped Crusader was co-created by Matt Reeves, director of The Batman movies, and J.J. Abrams (a lesser-known Hollywood producer), and is an homage to the original incarnation. Timm called it More Batman: The Animated Series rather than Batman: The Animated Series. This means that the story will be set in a 1940s-inspired world, which is very noir. Timm said, "It's 1990 again, and I get what I want this time."

Caped Crusader sounds almost like an origin series. Creators stressed that Batman is all alone. He doesn't have any allies, like Commissioner Gordon, and he doesn't have all the gadgets. As the series progresses, hell will begin to develop them with an evolving Batmobile. This is what Batmans were used to while he was on his journey to become the Dark Knight. This is in keeping with the character's concept art. If Batman's bat-authentic ears, which are located on his side, rather than just the top of his head, they closely match the original design. It's hard to see how much the ear shape and location matters to Batman.

The three producers were co-executive producers of the show. They issued a joint statement in May when the show was first announced. The series will be cinematic and thrilling. It will also explore the psychology of these famous characters. This new world is something we cannot wait to share.

Batman: Caped Crusader will air on Cartoon Network and HBO Max at the moment. This makes it presumably kid-friendly. However, producers repeatedly stressed how psychologically dramtastic the show would be. It will air in 2022.

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