Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Game: Skins and Costumes

Square Enix will release a new Marvel game next week, this time for Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks like your typical third-person action game in which you control Star-Lord to command the Guardians, but there's something that is quite surprising.


Guardians, like all big superhero games, has about 40 costumes you can find in the game. While some are original, most of the designs are based on comics or films. IGNs created a video showing the coolest ones that they found during a recent preview. The movie skins look great, and costumes from older comics seem to be holding up well. Rocket looks great in his 2017 solo book, complete with glasses and a suit. It's quite entertaining to see Drax, from the movies, do a combination with Groot wearing his skin from 2015's Black Vortex comic.

It is interesting that the descriptions of the comics include the costume taken from them. They also list the creator and artist. It is a small thing but it is important in a time where creators of the Big Two are not being paid the right amount. It is the only game that has done this so far: Insomniacs and Spider-Man games don't reference creators in their costumes.

It doesn't make the game a hit automatically. It's nice, but it doesn't make the game an instant hit.

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy will be available next week for PlayStation 3, Xbox, Switch, Switch, and PC on October 26th.

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