Democrats mock Donald Trump over Virginia governor race, flying a plane with a banner near Mar-a-Lago

Gregg Youngkin, Republican gubernatorial Candidat (L), Former President Donald Trump Getty Images
Glenn Youngkin, a Virginia GOP governoral candidate, has tried to distance himself from Donald Trump.

Trump was mocked by the Democratic National Committee, who flew a plane bearing a banner close to Mar-a-Lago.

Currently, Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe are neck-and-neck in the Virginia governor race.

Democrats mock Donald Trump because of Glenn Youngkin, the gubernatorial candidate,'s efforts to distance himself from Trump.

Republican Glenn Youngkin is running in Virginia to replace the former Democratic Governor. Terry McAuliffe was the incumbent from 2014-2018.

Trump may have endorsed Youngkin, calling him a "great gentleman", but the Republican candidate subtly attempted to distance himself from the former president.

A banner stating, "Why won't Youngkin allow Trump to campaign in VA" was displayed on a plane flown by the Democratic National Committee near Trump's Florida resort Mar-a-Lago.

-DNC War Room (@DNCWarRoom) October 16, 2021

A billboard was also placed in Florida by the ex-president to promote Youngkin's endorsement. They believe that Trump is more likely to associate Youngkin with Trump.

Youngkin criticised Thursday's GOP "Take Back Virginia” rally attendees who pledged allegiance at a flag said to have flown near the Capitol on January 6.

Youngkin stated that it was wrong and strange to pledge allegiance for a flag linked to January 6. "The violence that took place on January 6th was, as I've said before, sickening and wrong," Youngkin stated.

Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, was present at the rally. Donald Trump called on a telephone line.

Trump supported Youngkin during the call and stated, "We have to get him in. Terry McAuliffe was a terrible governor, and I know him very well.

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Youngkin resisted answering questions on Thursday about Trump's campaign.

According to The Hill, he finally replied that he was a "good man" and thanked anyone who called him.

Additionally, the Republican candidate acknowledged Joe Biden's victory in 2020. This puts him at odds to Donald Trump and his allies who continue to make false claims about the fraud of the election.

Youngkin's decision not to stand by Trump is likely due to Trump's inevitability.

During the Trump presidency, Democrats enjoyed increasing success in Virginia. The largest margin of victory for a Democrat since 1985 was achieved by Democratic Ralph Northam in the 2017 race for the governorship.

In 2019, the party took control of the state legislature. Joe Biden won the state by a wide margin in the 2020 presidential elections.

Youngkin likely knows that Trump's associations will not improve his chances of winning, as he is currently neck-in–neck according to polls.

Glenn Youngkin, an ex-private equity executive and first-time candidate for the presidency, was able to unify the party's business and Trump wings, according to Insider's John L. Dorman.

Youngkin's approach and Biden's low ratings have made Virginia's election extremely competitive.

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