Bill Clinton Discharged From Hospital After Suffering Infection

The doctor who monitored Bill Clinton's treatment told him that he was discharged from California hospital Sunday after he had been suffering from an infection that had spread through his bloodstream for several days.

After being discharged from UC Irvine Medical Center on October 17, Bill Clinton is seen standing with Hillary and his doctors. Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Key Facts

Clinton left UC Irvine Medical Center Sunday to recuperate at home, according to Dr. Alpesh N. Amin. Amin is the chair of UC Irvine Medical Centers Department of Medicine and was responsible for the treatment team. Amin stated that Clinton's white blood cell count and fever have been normalized and that he will be finishing a course at home of antibiotics. Clinton gave reporters a thumbs-up when asked how he felt after he left the hospital. CNN reported that Clinton was admitted to the hospital following a sepsis-like infection in his urinary tract. According to CNN, the ex-president was admitted to California's hospital for the first time Tuesday. He had reported feeling unwell at a Clinton Foundation event earlier in the week. However, news of his hospitalization was first reported on Thursday. Clinton was admitted to the ICU for privacy and security reasons, rather than because he required that level of care.

Important Quote

Amin stated that we are honored to have treated him on behalf of all at UC Irvine Medical Center and will continue to monitor his progress.

Important Background

Clinton, 75, was admitted to the hospital for emergency heart bypass surgery in 2004 and 2010, respectively, after complaining of chest discomfort. CNN reported that his hospitalization this week had nothing to do with his heart problems and was not in any way related to Covid-19.

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Former President Bill Clinton was Hospitalized for Non-Covid-Related Illness (Forbes).

Bill Clinton will be admitted to the hospital overnight, but health trends are in the right direction (Forbes).


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