I tried a TikToker's viral hack for getting a free burger at Five Guys, and ended up with 2 meals for the price of one

This hack worked but I ended up with less toppings for each sandwich. Rachel Askinasi/Insider
I tried it myself after A TikToker shared his tip for getting a free Five Guys cheeseburger.

He suggests ordering a double-patty hamburger with all the toppings and an extra bun.

Although technically the hack works, I discovered that two perfectly grilled burgers depend on different factors.

HellthyJunkFood TikTok food bloggers shared a trick to get a free Five Guys cheeseburger

JP Lambiase explains the Five Guys Hack on TikTok. HellthyJunkFood/TikTok

Five Guys Burgers and Fries' regular burgers are made with two patties. You can order one patty sandwich if you don't want to order two.

Julia Goolia and JP Lambiase, food bloggers, came up with a way to make double portions of meat into separate sandwiches.

The video showed viewers how they hack the HealthyJunkFood (@hellthyjunkfood TikTok) account. At the time of writing, 8.4 million people had viewed the video.

So I went to my local location to test the hack.

I chose to place my order in person. Rachel Askinasi/Insider

To save time and reduce the amount of time I spend in restaurants, I order online for pick-up. For this trial, however, I decided it would be better to order in person. It would be a lot of personalization which isn’t always possible to do online.

I ordered a cheeseburger with all the toppings and an extra bun, following their example.

This is what I received in my order. And how it was packed. Rachel Askinasi/Insider

When I asked for all my toppings, the employee at the register had to confirm with her colleagues.

She stated that an extra bun is not something they normally give but that they would allow it to slide this time. It wasn't on the ticket, I checked my receipt.

My New York City restaurant charged me $9.39 for a regular cheeseburger, and $8.19 for a small cheeseburger. Splitting the cost of the double-stacked sandwich and dividing it would result in two burgers each costing $4.70. This is a great deal at Five Guys.

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My bag contained a tray with pickles and tomatoes, as well as a toasted bun and a separate wrap. Finally, I had a third package of tin foil with my cheeseburger. I asked for sauces to be served on the side so I received two plastic containers of barbecue sauce and hot sauce.

As I began to make my sandwiches, I noticed that the way the patties were stacked was a key factor in how successful this hack is.

One burger contained more cheese than another. Rachel Askinasi/Insider

My cheeseburger was made by a Five Guys team member. He had placed both slices of cheese between the patties. The same method was used in the TikTok video.

One patt had more cheese than the other when I separated them. This hack would have made it awkward to share lunch with someone if I used it.

This split was a lot easier for me to do. I believe if cheese and patties were stacked in an alternate pattern it would be more uniform in cheese distribution.

Also, I realized that the toppings I received were not enough to make a full Five Guys burger.

I would have liked more lettuce and pickles. Rachel Askinasi/Insider

Five Guys has a consistent quality in fresh-tasting and generously-portioned toppings. This is something I love. I was able to order my toppings on one side and ended up getting less each item per sandwich.

My burgers came with one slice of tomato, five pieces of crispy lettuce and two pickles. However, I was allowed to add grilled onions to each bun.

This hack works, provided you have a team willing to give you an extra treat.

I was able build two burgers for one. Rachel Askinasi/Insider

The trick is really about whether you can get an extra bun. This whole experiment would have failed if Five Guys had refused to give me spare bread.

If you have the bread and are willing to accept the inconsistency of cheese or the possibility that you may not be able to add any toppings, you can make two cheeseburgers for the cost of one.

Personally, this hack is unlikely to be used again. It's too much work for me. If I was a student again and had to make a tight budget, I would probably incorporate this into my monthly meal plan.

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