How to Watch Apple’s October 18 Event—and What to Expect

Apple continues to push ahead with its second hardware event in fall, despite mounting supply chain problems. Unleashed is the name of the event and will be held tomorrow. It's virtual, just like every other Apple event over the past year.
The company has been displaying its usual cycle, which includes updated iMacs and iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, Apple Watches, Apple Watches, Apple Watches, Apple Watches, Apple Watches, Apple Watches, and new software. It is expected that this will be the company's last product announcement of the year. Although the hyperdrive-engaged starfield visuals at the event announcement may make it appear that Apple is teasing new screensavers with the swooshy hyperdrive, the real news is likely to be about MacBooks.

What Time is the Apple Event?

The event will take place Monday, October 18 at 1 p.m. Eastern (11 a.m. Pacific). It can be streamed via Apple's YouTube channel, YouTube, and on your smart TV using Apple TV+. You can also find it here


What to Expect

We have a good idea of the expected outcome based on the rumour mill. Barring Apples propensity for adding one more thing, Mark Gurman, Bloomberg's resident Apple expert, expects major changes to the MacBook Pro. Apple could unveil two versions of its MacBook Pro: one 14-inch model and one 16-inch model. Both run on Apple's proprietary chip. Since 2019, the company hasn’t updated its 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The new MacBooks may signal a major shift from an era in Apple design that valued form over function, with its slim and almost unrepairable form. Jony Ive was Apple's former chief designer officer. He left Apple in June 2019 to create his own design company. The company has slowly been reversing some of its most controversial design decisions since then, like the terrible butterfly keyboards. Expect the new MacBooks to continue this trend towards usability. They will feature MagSafe chargers and multiple USB ports. We can only hope that there will be an SD card slot. Rumours even suggest that the Touch Bar will disappear.

A new Mac Mini is also being considered, with a boosted processor and a lot of ports. The software that runs on these machines will likely be announced by Apple. This is the final public release date for MacOS Monterey. It's the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system, which debuted in June.