Elon Musk offers advice to 200 Volkswagen execs on how the German EV maker can streamline its supply chain

Herbert Diess, Volkswagen CEO, invited Elon Musk, Tesla CEO to address 200 VW executives.
Musk joined the conference via video and gave advice on supply chains management.

Diess stated, "Happy to hear from even our strongest competitor that we will succeed."

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Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, met with top Volkswagen executives in Austria for a presentation on how Tesla streamlines its supply chains.

Volkswagen Chairman Herbert Diess tweeted Saturday that he had enjoyed a meeting with 200 top managers at Alpbach and shared a photo of Musk during a video conference. "Big responsibility at an important point for our company.

Musk's Thursday chat was the latest friendly gesture between them, following Diess’s trolling Musk on Twitter earlier in the year.

It was unclear if Musk's presence indicated anything other than pleasant comradery among the electric vehicle manufacturers.

Diess stated that "[W]e would visit you soon, Grnheide", referring to the Tesla plant in Germany.

Musk offered advice on a number of topics during the conference call, Reuters reported, citing Handelsblatt local newspaper.

Musk, an engineer, is known to be focused on vehicle production and the supply chain. Insider reached out to Tesla and Volkswagen for more information.

Diess stated in a LinkedIn post that the conference brought together 200 top Volkswagen executives to discuss how Volkswagen can become "as fast and as efficient" as possible. He stated that Volkswagen's Project Trinity would "revolutionize" its company and allow it to compete with Tesla's Grnheide plant.

Diess stated, "Happy to hear from even our strongest competitor that we can succeed the transition if you drive the transformation with all power."

He said: "One example of the speed of Tesla is how they handle the chip shortage well. The reason is that they are creating their own software." They had new software in just 2 weeks. This allowed them to use different chips. He said, "Impressive."