Steve Bruce: Newcastle boss has been the 'fall guy', says son Alex Bruce

Steve Bruce stated that there has been no discussion about his future with club
Steve Bruce was the "fall guy" in Newcastle, and it has been "really difficult to watch" the criticism directed towards him, according to his son Alex Bruce.

On Sunday, the Newcastle manager will take charge of his 1,000th match at Tottenham as a manager.

This is the Magpies' first match since their controversial 305m takeover.

Steve Bruce was appointed to the boyhood club's role in 2019, but his son claims that he has been "battered since the day he entered the door".

It's been difficult. It's not easy to sit there and pretend it hasn’t been, but it's been hard to watch the criticism," Alex Bruce said on BBC Radio 5 Live's Football Daily podcast.

"Since he accepted the job, I believe the lack of respect that was shown, especially considering he has done 1,000 games, is unbelievable."

Amanda Staveley, part-owner of New Newcastle, confirmed Friday that Bruce would remain in charge for Sunday’s Premier League match at St James’ Park. She would also be the "first one to know" about any changes.

The Magpies have been winless this season, and are currently 18th in the table. As possible replacements for Bruce, the club's new owners are Lucien Favre (ex-Borussia Dortmund manager), Steven Gerrard (Rangers) and Frank Lampard (ex-Chelsea boss).

Alex Bruce said: "A lot has been said about my father, and I feel somewhat naff sticking up to him. But I would honestly say for anyone who's done 999 games in management, 980-odd in playing, to see some individuals question his integrity, professionalism, and ability as an administrator, as well as his warm-ups. They all make mistakes. But has he not deserved another crack?

He has never been able to manage a club that can spend real money. His win ratio in Premier League teams like Birmingham, Wigan and Hull City has been questioned numerous times. Do people expect huge win percentages when they manage clubs like these?

"I don’t believe so. If you are a calm, intelligent and level-headed person, it is easier to see the larger picture. He's done an excellent job managing all of the clubs that he has managed and deserves credit. It's hard to see some of the disrespect he's received.

"I know what Newcastle means for him"

Steve Bruce, who took over Rafael Benitez's management at St James' Park on July 2019, has guided Newcastle to 13th- and 12th-place finishes within the Premier League.

Last week saw the completion of the Saudi Arabian-backed takeover, ending Mike Ashley's 14-year tenure as Magpies owner.

Steve Bruce is under increasing pressure and many fans want him to leave. Alex Bruce, a former Ipswich, Leeds, and Hull defender, says he was prepared for the heat.

He said that he knew this was going to happen from the moment he started the job. He had an owner trying to sell the club. The owner didn't want to invest any money in the club for many reasons. He could only use the money the club generated, and there was no money with the pandemic.

"He tried strengthening the squad in the final window. They needed reinforcements in defense areas. I believe he was frustrated that he couldn’t, so there have been many things that have made it difficult.

He has always been the fall guy. He has been the fall guy. I can't count how many times I have said to him, "Why don't you let someone else do all the press?" He just said, "Because I'm the manager, it is my responsibility."

Newcastle finished in 10th and 13th place in Benitez’s two seasons as Newcastle in the Premier League. Alex Bruce believes that the Spaniard received more respect for his achievements.

He stated, "Dad's done round about similar and yet one has been lauded a messiah while the other's been battered from the moment he walked through the door. This has been the most difficult thing to watch since he's Geordie."

"I know, for certain, that Newcastle means a lot to him, regardless of what others say. When he was young, he used to crawl under the turnstiles and stand there. He's always been a supporter of the club.

"No matter what you think about my dad, it is clear that he cares deeply about the club. He knows that new ownership was necessary and that it has. I am certain that he is delighted that it has happened, not only for the football club but also for the city of London and its supporters.