Saudi Arabia Is Building a Tourism Resort Based on an Oil Rig

The world's largest oil-producing countries seem to be willing to do anything to continue drilling, despite the fact it is causing climate change and its disastrous effects. Saudi Arabia, an oil-producing powerhouse, recently revealed a new strategy: Making oil rigs look cool.

The new project, THE RIG., is a tourist project by the country's Public Investment Fund. It is a resort that spans more than 1.6million square feet (150,000 sq. meters). It was inspired by offshore oil platforms. The RIG is, as you may have guessed from the name. The Persian Gulf's oil rig is home to 3 hotels, 800 rooms and 11 restaurants. There are also a ferris wheel, a water slide and Ferris wheels, as well as go carts, bungee jumping and scuba diving.

Did I mention you can reach THE RIG by ferry, yacht, cruise or helicopter? You can reach THE RIG by boat, ferry, yacht, cruise or helicopter.

All of this might sound great in an alternate reality where our planet was not in a climate crisis or where causing unnecessary pollution was considered a good idea. We live in this reality where fossil fuel companies are destroying the planet and causing unneeded pollution. It is dangerous because it minimizes the dangers posed by climate changes.

The way THE RIG. is advertised in the country would make it impossible to tell. The resort's announcement video is a slick advertisement that shows videos of people wearing THE RIG. It is obvious that every dollar was spent. They see it all. It is possible to see it below.

The website of THE RIG. is also top-notch, even though it serves an evil purpose.

For the purpose of exploration, offshore platforms were built. THE RIG. The resort's website has a statement that takes this legacy to the next level. This resort is the ideal place to test new extreme sports, thrills and adventure. Get on board and discover the future of adventure.

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The Public Investment Fund claims it will adhere to the highest standards and best practices in environmental protection to protect the environment around THE RIG. It would be cheaper to not build the resort, but how do you know that?

The exact date of THE RIG is unknown. It is not yet known when THE RIG will be available to the public. It is clear, however, that Saudi Arabia's new resort is a completely unnecessary and wasteful venture that only makes climate crisis worse.