Young Justice: Phantoms Looks Like a Crisis on Animated Youths

Each season of Young Justice has seen the DC Universe's young heroes become embroiled in bigger and more complex conflicts that reach across the entire galaxy. Phantoms, the fourth season of Young Justice, will see the crimefighters thrown into a fight that will determine the fates of all Earths.


The trailer was revealed at DC Fandome. It places our heroes in very dire emotional circumstances. The young supers, led by Superboy (Nolan North), Miss Martian(Danica McKellar) and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), were much happier at the conclusion of season three (Outsiders). Although they had finally won against Vandal Savage, the Light, their happiness was only temporary. They'll now have to do what they know best: keep Earth and the rest the galaxy from falling into chaos.

Every season of Young Justice has a subtitle that has a double meaning. Phantoms is no exception. The trailer shows Beast Boy (Stephanie Lemelin), and Artemis, who are at odds with their tragic pasts. It wouldn't surprise if other characters are going through the same thing. We'll be sure to know when the new season! Yes! Yes! This is a great drop and the seasons are sure to be lots of animated (and sometimes confusing for its own good).

What about the poster that was revealed earlier in the month showing multiple earths laid out in a multiverse-like arrangement? It will all play out over the course of the season, but it wouldn't be without its imagery. It will be fascinating to see how the show handles the larger cosmic mythology, which has been going on in comics for the past couple of years.

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